Debt, enforcement procedure and insolvency

  • setting the principles of debt recovery directly with the client according to the clients’ possibilities and requirements so that the likelihood of further enforcement is minimised
  • representation in the enforcement of claims for indemnification and claims following from unjust enrichment
  • a comprehensive approach in enforcement of receivables, from assessment of the enforceability of receivables, through the pre-court stage of enforcement (including personal negotiations with debtors), and also initiation of litigation or arbitration, including representation of the client, and finally provision for debt recovery through enforcement procedures, all the above including provision of up-to-date overviews and information services on the individual procedures for the client’s needs
  • comprehensive provision for collective enforcement of receivables
  • comprehensive legal services related to the aspects of bills and notes (issuing bills and notes, their enforcement, representation in proceedings in rem and enforcement proceedings)
  • comprehensive legal services for clients in the position of a debtor, particularly negotiations with creditors on out-of-court settlement of the entire matter, representation in litigation or arbitration, and representation in enforcement procedures
  • provision of legal services related to insolvency proceedings (legal counselling, preparation of an insolvency petition, preparation of an application for registration of receivables, representation in insolvency proceedings, for both creditors and bankrupts)
  • provision of a co-operating insolvency trustee