Commercial and corporate law

  • comprehensive legal services in the field of commercial contractual relationships
  • preparation and assessment of contractual documents
  • provision of comprehensive legal counselling for entrepreneurs
  • provision of legal services in the field of corporate law (foundation of corporations and co-operatives; preparation and organisation of general meetings; changes in the bodies of corporations and co-operatives; increasing and decreasing the registered capital; winding-up of corporations; registration in the Commercial Register; preparation of agreements on the discharge of office; shareholders’ agreements, etc.)
  • provision of legal services and counselling in the field of acquisitions and transformations of corporations (mergers, de-mergers, transfers of assets, changes of legal form)
  • due diligence analyses of corporations
  • provision of legal services in the field of securities and undertakings on the capital market
  • provision of legal services in the field of competition and protection against unfair competition
  • representation in court, arbitration and other proceedings (contentious proceedings, proceedings in matters of the Commercial Register and trade licenses, etc.)